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OCS™ Heart Brings Beating Hearts to Patients

A Breakthrough in Heart Preservation

The World's Only Portable Heart Perfusion System

Heart transplantation: It can mean a second chance at life. Patients around the world share in this dream. Waiting. Hoping. They also share the same concerns:

  • Will I ever receive a heart?
  • If so, will I survive the surgery?

Surgeons want nothing more than to reassure their patients that everything will go smoothly. However, many are coming to realize that the way they currently preserve organs, on ice in a cooler, could be significantly improved.

These pioneering surgeons are embracing a new organ preservation technology -- the OCS™ HEART -- a system designed to help them

  • Transplant more hearts

  • Deliver improved patient care

The OCS™ HEART is commericially available in Europe and Australia and is in clinical use in leading centers. The system is also in global clinical trials, including leading U.S. centers.  Explore the navigation menu to your left to learn more about the challenges of transplantation and the potential for the OCS™ HEART to make a difference in patients' lives.

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 INVESTIGATIONAL DEVICE: Not commercially available in the U.S.

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