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How It Works

Enabling the functional assessment of organs for the first time outside of the body

How Does the TransMedics Organ Care System Work?

The Organ Care System is comprised of two principal components, a portable platform and an organ specific perfusion set, operating together as an integrated technology:

Portable ConsolePortable Console with Wireless Monitor
The portable console houses all elements of the system, including oxygen supply and a pump that is used to maintain pulsatile flow of warm, nutrient-rich blood to the organ. Operator exchangeable batteries provide full system power during transport. A wireless monitor controls and displays the system functions. The monitor also provides important information to allow assessment of the organ by the physician. In the case of the heart, parameters such as aortic pressure, coronary flow, blood temperature, and heart rate are monitored.

Perfusion ModulePerfusion Module
At the core of the Organ Care System is the Perfusion Module, a transparent, sterile chamber designed to protect the organ and maintain the appropriate, warm temperature and humidity. In the case of heart transplant surgery, the organ is placed in the module and revived to a beating state. The perfusion module is designed to enable sterile ultrasound assessment of the organ as well as blood sampling for off-line analysis.

Solution SetSolution Set
Organs that are maintained in a functioning state outside the body continue to utilize nutrients as they would in vivo. The TransMedics Solution set is designed specifically to deliver the nutrients and substrates required to keep the transplant organ healthy during transport.

US: Caution—Investigational Device. Limited by Federal Law to investigational use.

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